This training program, designed by David Hung, Ph.D., offers the ultimate solution for getting good grades and developing a positive learning attitude about school, the ultimate goals for many children regardless of whether they are being called ADD, ADHD, oppositional disorder, dyslexic, auditory processing disorder, etc.

Studies have shown that most group classes for study skills are ineffective since they are not tailored to the structure and requirements of the student's particular school, and do not take into account of motivation, which is influenced by the student's life style and family dynamics. Our therapy combines both counseling and training on a personal basis. It provides:

1. Individualized, clearly defined procedures for the student that will make studying enjoyable and enable him/her to achieve a positive attitude towards school;
2. Time management and motivational training, developed jointly with the student and his/her family (Makes life easier for all!);
3. Study skills for the student, including training on the SQRRR method (Skim, Question, Read, Write, and Review); on how to take notes; on organization of school work; and on techniques for test-taking.

Experience and results are Dr. Hung's best proof. For 30 years (since 1969), he has worked extensively with families and special children.

In 1973, he created the first autistic program for the Metropolitan Toronto School District. From 1976-81, he was the director for a children's mental health program at the Florida Mental Health Institute, designing and supervising residential treatment and educational programs for children with severe learning and behavioral problems. Between 1981-87, he served as the statewide director of autistic programs for the State of Delaware, supervising an educational and residential treatment staff of over 60. He has been the Director of AGS since 1987.

Using a pragmatic and non-drug approach, he has developed and published effective treatment programs and staff training manuals for both children and adults, and has created immediate, measurable results for the clients he serves.


Treatment typically consists of weekly meetings of one to two hours each, spanning over 6 to 8 weeks, for a total of 10 hours.

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