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(Don't skip us because we are not near you. We provide on-site services in both Orange and Los Angeles Counties, and distant counsult worldwide.)
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One of the oldest educational, psychological and testing agencies serving students and families in Southern California, AGS (Academic Guidance Services - est. 1960) designs no-nonsense, result-oriented treatment programs to raise school grades, test and evaluate educational standing and learning achievement, IEP analysis and development, and also provides therapies and evaluation for ADD, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, learning disabilities, and behavioral and emotional problems.

It's director is David Hung, Ph.D., who has more than 30 years of experience in the field of education and psychology.

Services include:
  • Dr. Hung’s acclaimed Focusing Therapy: A Non-drug, skill-based, result-oriented Treatment of: ADD, ADHD, Oppositional Behavior, Conduct Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Deficits, the Low Achiever, and General Below-grade-level Problems;
  • Study Skills/Study Habit, Motivation and Time Management Training: a personalized and practical training to increase: independent study time, homework quality and ultimately school grades, confidence and attitude;
  • IEP Evaluation: meaningful goals, meaningful measurements of progress, effective teaching strategies, appropriate teaching materials, parental and child rights, etc.
  • Testing for: ADD, ADHD, Learning Deficits, Focusing Problems, and Life Style and Career Alternatives;
  • Special Education Programming, IEP Development and Analysis;
  • Individual Day School or Courses for Credits: for students who want to catch up or accelerate and learn on a personal basis;
  • Intensive Tutoring: Academic Skills and School Subjects, ESL;
  • Legal Opinions on Educational Reports, IEP Analysis, Appropriate Placement of School and Home, Family Counseling, Child Rearing Practices, Behavior Management, Diagnoses;
  • Test Preparation: GED, SAT, ISEE, LSAT, GRE, GMAT;
  • School selection, I-20 arrangement, College Counseling
Serving California and beyond - call 310-659-8549/949-833-9444/
We also offer distant consultation and training via the Internet and telephone.