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Myths and over-diagnoses of ADD and ADHD

Drugs or No Drugs for
the ADD/ADHD Child

Expensive Behavioral Drugs - Costly Insurance
Drugs to treat childhood depression disappoint
IEP - ins & outs
The Back Pain Phenomenon
Points System - the greatest invention for children
Poor self-esteem - the phantom angel
Evaluation, IEP analysis & sch placement
Focusing Therapy for ADD, LD, dyslexia and oppositional behavior
Expert opinions on school & family issues
Special tutoring of academic subjects
Individual credit courses
Recent Articles fr It's Academic

Autism Incidents Soar
Autism -- Myth & Treatment

Discrete Trial for Autism IEP - a must

Dr. Hung's Bio

About usACADEMIC GUIDANCE SERVICES - 45 years serving students & families
Oldest psycho-educational agency in Southern California.

We work with students and their families, using not the traditional office talk-therapy but the pragmatic, skill-based (non-drug) paradigm for problems of ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, oppositional behavior and autism. We supply exxpert consultation on IEP and school issues, as well as individual tutoring and credit courses.
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We provide telephone (310-435-1129 or 949-833-9444)or e-mail ( consultation.
6399 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite515, Los Angeles, CA 90048